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7 Ways to Organize Your Home and Eliminate Clutter

Take control of your home by setting specific boundaries and routines for clearing the clutter. You’ll be able to get more done and have more free time to focus on what’s truly important in your life:

  1. Develop a Paperwork Process Create a space for all the paperwork that gets brought into the home. Perhaps some in/out folders near the entryway. Halting all the paper in its tracks will do wonders on your organization, and you wont have to spend hours searching for those DMV forms that you needed yesterday. Better yet, try to get paperless documents whenever and wherever you can! >>Sign up for eStatements
  1. Use it or Lose it Get rid of anything you haven’t used in over a year. Think about donating or selling your unused items.
  1. Technology is your friend Set reminders on your phone to alert you to pay bills or clean up certain areas of the house. Think about setting up automatic payments in Bill Pay for those consistent monthly bills.
  1. Bins and Baskets Keep extra bins and decorative baskets in designated spots around the house to corral the clutter when you don’t have time to put it away. The dollar store is a great resource for cheap and colorful clutter bins.
  1. Multipurpose furniture Choose furniture items that serve more than just one purpose: coffee tables with drawers, storage benches and ottomans, loft beds and decorative hutches. Not only do they bring character, but add function to the room.
  1. Set a schedule Whether you like to pick up in 15-minute daily increments or dedicate a few hours on the weekend, come up with a regular schedule to sore thought the clutter and get it all put away.
  1. Enlist help Get your children, spouse, or roommates to help out! They say that many hands make light work. Having them do their part will also help you raise organized responsible children.

The important way to eliminate clutter is to make it a habit. If you get in the habit of tossing things on the couch when you walk through the door, your living room will always be a mess. Don’t simply put things down when you get in the habit of putting them away.
What practices do you use to eliminate clutter in your home? Tell us in the comments.