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Fresh Perspective: My Financial Goals for 2016

By Ashley Scroggins
My family was dealt with a game changer in 2015. We became first time parents and haven’t slowed down since. This year we have lofty goals and what better way to achieve your dreams than by sharing them with a bunch of strangers on the internet!
Follow along and maybe we can learn something from each other. Here are my personal financial goals for 2016:

  1. Contribute $100 a month to a MOST (529 Plan) account.
    This will ensure we will have some of the college costs are saved away for when that eventual time comes. This number was based off of the recommended contribution from the Vanguard Savings Planner.
  1. Improve our credit scores.
    We want to get the best rates we can when we go to get pre approved for a mortgage loan, so we are looking to monitor our scores every quarter.
  1. Sell our current home & upgrade to a bigger one.
    It was a great starter home, but the space we have now is just not cutting it anymore. We are looking to sell our home this year and move to a space that will comfortably fit our growing family.
  1. Pay down our debts
    Preparing for babies, maternity leave, and the holidays haven’t drowned us in debt, but we aren’t comfortable with carrying it over while trying to buy a new house. We’d like to try to pay off as much as we can this year.
  1. Go on a vacation!
    I really want my family to enjoy a beach vacation this summer. We’ll see!

There you have it. I’m inviting you to follow along throughout the year as I share updates on how my goals are coming along, and how we are trying to save money along the way. I’m looking to YOU to keep us accountable!
What are your top goals for 2016? What do you hope you can look back on this year and say you accomplished?
Missouri-Ashley-ScrogginsAshley is a financial blogger for West Community Credit Union and Tigers Credit Union. She graduated from the University of Missouri – Columbia with a degree in Graphic Design. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, DIY projects, and living awesomely with less.