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Resolve Not to Do These 6 Things in 2016

It’s tempting to get swept up in dreams of the future and look right past what we need to do today to help make them a reality. So whether you want to improve your credit score, slash your debt or finally start that emergency fund, we’ll be your supporting role in tackling your goals.
This year, resolve to improve your financial situation by skipping these 6 things:
1. Don’t spend more than you earn
No matter how much you’re paid, you’ll never get ahead if you spend more than you earn. It’s easier to spend less than it is to earn more, and a little cost-cutting can result in big savings. Use our Mobile app to track your expenses on the go.
2. Don’t ignore your budget
You can’t set spending and saving goals if you don’t know where your money is going. If you use online banking, then you have access to our account aggregate uni$ource that allows you to monitor all your finances in one place as well as create a budget and track your spending. Take a look at your current habits and pick out ones that are wasteful. >> Read Beginners Guide to Budgeting
3. Don’t use credit cards to keep up with the Jones’
Using your credit card for frivolous things can be the main obstacle to getting ahead financially. The fact is if you don’t pay your balances off quickly, you’ll end up paying far more for things that you may not even need. >>Read How to Lose Control of Your Credit in 10 Ways
4. Don’t put off retirement planning
If you aren’t planning your retirement, this should be the year to get on track. Schedule a free consultation with West Community Investment Services and start building your nest egg today!
5. Don’t forget to save
Don’t wait until you’ve met all your other financial obligations before you start saving. Instead, set aside a minimum amount of your income for savings BEFORE you pay your bills. Better yet, have money automatically deducted from your paycheck and deposited into a savings account.
6. Don’t be hard on yourself
If your finances have gotten away from you, embrace the experts at your credit union to put you back on the road to financial recovery. We’d love to hear your story and figure out how we can tailor a healthy debt solution for you. Consolidate your debt today!
Feeling inspired?
Every month we’re going to check in and set up simple goals to complete to help you succeed with your financial goals this year. If you would like to follow along, make sure you subscribe to our blog or sign up for our newsletter. Let’s get Financially Fit & rock 2016 together!
Tell us your financial resolutions in the comments.