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Tis the Season: 6 Tips for Smart Giving

Donations to charity not only benefit the causes you care about, they can have positively wonderful benefits to you and your health. But it’s important to make sure you’re giving smart, whether you’re dropping a few dollars into the collection basket or giving items in a donation drive.
The following tips can help you maximize your charitable efforts – so that everyone comes out ahead:

  1. Budget for giving. 
Plan your philanthropic activities right into your budget just as you would other financial obligations.
  1. Be an informed giver.
 Make sure the organization you want to support is in good standing by looking up how your gift will be used.
  1. Volunteer!
 In addition to financial support, consider giving your time and skills. One of the most rewarding things you can do is donate your time and skills to a beloved cause and feel the satisfaction of making a difference first hand.
  1. Hang onto your receipts. Keep a record of your donations with your tax files.
  1. Think out of the (gift) box. If you’re out of gift ideas, consider making donations to charities in honor of the people on your holiday list. It’s a great way to express the holiday spirit and show you (and they) care for those less fortunate. Download our printable card to show your gifting gesture.

6. Bank on YOU! Feel good knowing that when you bank at a credit union, your money is working the BIG picture. We genuinely love giving back to our communities and have several charities and donation drives throughout the year.
If you have a cause that is dear to your heart, reach out to us. We are always looking for new ways to impact our community. And if it’s important to our members, it’s important to us.