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Back on Track: "How We Were Able to Save Our Dog During a Dark Time in Our Finances"

In the credit union’s Personal Finance Survivor series, everyday members share details of the individual choices they’ve made that impacted their financial lives for the better. Tigers Community Credit Union is division of West Community.
In September of 2015, Wendy Ferguson’s three year old dog, Eleanor, was diagnosed with Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture, the most common orthopedic complication seen in dogs. This disorder in the knee can only be repaired with an expensive surgery called Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO). Wendy and her husband had already paid for this surgery on Eleanor’s other knee the year before, and they could not afford the second surgery. “We were worried that we couldn’t find anyone to finance this surgery for us,” Wendy recalled. “The bones in her knee were separated and without the surgery, Eleanor would never be able to walk again.”

Listening and Lending
Through her business networking, Wendy discovered West Community Credit Union’s Listening and Lending® program, and she scheduled a meeting with Member Services Consultant, Beth Martin, in the Kirkwood office to explain the circumstances. “I told Beth what we needed and that while my husband had good jobs, the financial downfall from 2008 hurt his construction business,” Wendy said. “We were still catching up and worried this would hurt our shot at saving Eleanor.”
After pulling their credit, Beth was able to better access the situation. She called Wendy back within 24 hours with good news and a couple options. They chose to accept a loan that would pay for Eleanor’s surgery, checkups, X-rays and medications. Today, Eleanor is doing great. “I didn’t think a financial institution would be sympathetic enough to fund a dog’s surgery,” Wendy said.
Building on a Relationship
Upon previously seeing some concerns on their credit report, Beth helped create a plan for Wendy to get back on track and suggested they call her back in six months to revisit their credit situation. “We took her advice and a couple months later when we were in better standing, the credit union was able to consolidate our debt into one lower payment with a signature loan.” Shortly thereafter, Wendy’s car completely died and required extreme repairs. “This was especially tough on us because the car was not that old,” Wendy recalls. She called Beth again to inquire about their options. Since Wendy took Beth’s advice, she had the peace of mind of knowing they could get loans when they need them and was able to finance a vehicle. “Our financial adviser, Beth, has been understanding, kind, and generous through each process and decision we have made.”

“West Community Credit Union listened to our financial situation and was sympathetic and supportive. They surpassed our expectations by going above and beyond with their services.” – Wendy

Wendy’s story is a breath of relief that you don’t have to sacrifice family and comfort when facing setbacks. If you put your mind to it and take advantage of the resources at your credit union, you can be on your way to getting back on track before you know it. Contact Member Services to reach your financial goals today!
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