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Tag: Debt Consolidation

How to Use Your Equity to Pay Off Higher-Rate Debts

Dealing with credit card debt can be seriously stressful. If you’re struggling to get your balances under control, you may have considered consolidating your cards into one low-interest loan. It might be a good idea to tap into your equity options to pay down other types of debt, especially high-interest

5 Reasons to Refinance a Mortgage

Contrary to what you may think, signing up for a mortgage loan doesn’t mean you’re trapped in that rate or term. If rates change or events arise that prevent you from paying as you had planned, refinancing might be an effective way to change your monthly mortgage payment. Refinancing means

Up-size, Down-size, or Re-size! Buying or Refinancing a Mortgage

You’ve heard the buzz “Mortgage rates are at historic lows!” It really is the buyer’s market, so if you’re considering a change, NOW is the perfect time. What you need to know about securing a mortgage and the best way to borrow for improvements: Pre-approval Getting pre-approved will make the whole home-buying process