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Creating New Holiday Traditions with Supplies You May Already Have (or Can Get for Super Cheap)

We are in the spirit to create some holiday cheer this year by sharing some cheap and easy traditions to start making memories today! And if you’re struggling because of the pandemic and aren’t sure how to make this year fun for your family, or you’re usual traditions just aren’t feasible and you’re just not sure how to adapt, we’ve got your back! It can be as easy as utilizing what you have already at home from egg cartons, Amazon boxes and Zoom to some cheap activities inspired by nature or a dollar store.

“Nailed It” Baking Challenge

If you’ve seen Nailed It on Netflix, you know that it doesn’t matter how the finished product turns out as long as you had FUN making it. So with a little help from the baking aisle at a dollar tree, have your family compete for a baking challenge for the ages. Maybe you could even host a virtual baking party and compare with family and friends on Zoom. Or if you’re brave enough, let the kids invent their own recipes. Then in your best Nicole Byer impersonation, exclaim “NAILED IT!” And if your creations turn out edible (lol), you could even give the baked goods away to friends or neighbors as a holiday treat.

Baking Supplies found entirely at a dollar store. You may not feel as bad if the kids make a mess with these supplies.

Virtual Painting with a Twist

Before the pandemic, a fun night out with friends sometimes consisted of getting together to drink wine and paint not-so-terrible paintings that make you go “okayyyyy.” Who says that has to end now?! With a little jaunt down the craft aisle at the dollar store and a quick scroll on Pinterest, you can get canvases and painting supplies for a couple bucks and host a virtual holiday paint night that even the kids could get in on. Bonus points for giving the finished pieces as a gift to grandparents.

Ornament Making Party

Give your kids a few dollars each to pick out supplies at the dollar store and let them design their our ornaments for gifting. Things you can usually find there are thread, bows, ribbon, clear bulbs, glitter and glue. There is a lot of inspiration on Pinterest, but the best way to maximize the fun is to just let the kids have at it!

New Takes on Gingerbread Houses

Version 1: Use popsicle sticks and glue to build your structure. Twist: Turn it into a contest between family members to build the best house and Zoom with the grandparents to be the judges. The finished products

Version 2: Use cardboard boxes and hot glue gun to build your structure. Twist: cover in peanut butter and use bird seed to make a design on the house and hang on a tree outside for our feathered friends to enjoy.

Game Night Inventors

Have kids invent their own game from found items around the house and then ask them to come up with the rules. Use old Amazon boxes, toys they already own, or holiday candy as game pieces. Then host a game night on Christmas eve! Bonus points if there is a virtual element to the game that their grandparents can play over Zoom!

Holiday Hike and Found Items Projects

Depending on if the weather is nice or you already have sticks, pine cones, and pine needle twigs in your backyard or neighborhood – take a family “hike” together and collect found items to make holiday crafts back at home. Maybe they can be incorporated in one of the activities above or create something new.

Other Holiday Crafting Ideas:

We hope these activities inspire you to get creative so you don’t have to stretch your wallet as much as you think you do. Use your delivery boxes, the coveted toilet paper rolls, the coffee filters galore, the stuff in your backyard to make the season bright. Try to incorporate that virtual component whenever possible to help keep your family safe – and who knows maybe some of these will find their way into your family’s annual traditions!

No matter what you end up doing this holiday with your family, may you all be happy and healthy.

– All your friends at the credit union