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User Review: Real Estate Apps

If you’re looking to buy a home in the maybe-not-so-distant-future, the app store is filled with real estate apps to help aid in your search. Find out how the top rated ones did in our user review:
1. HomesnapHomesnap – This app boasts that you can take a picture of any house and access the real estate information as well as homes nearby directly from your phone. It’s super easy to use and is more accurate than some other apps.
2. Zillow Zillow – This app is very visual and optimized for smaller screens. You can search, view and save properties that you’re interested in, and then you’ll get follow up emails with listings similar to your faves. However, one of the primary features, Zestimate, has been known to be inconsistent and inaccurate—a common gripe among users.

3. – Because it’s from the National Association of Realtors, the app offers some access to all of the MLS databases. Not only is MLS data the most accurate, but it’s also updated regularly so it’s the most current. They also send you notifications when a house you’ve been looking at drops in price.

Trulia4. Trulia – Once you save a search, this app will keep you in the know when new homes matching your criteria come onto the market. It has an intuitive interface that makes the hi-res photo galleries really stand out. It’s kind of similar to Zillow without the inaccuracies of Zestimate. BONUS: Trulia also offers separate apps for Rentals, Mortgages and Agents.
BONUS apps to help decide where to live:
MyNewPlace5. MyNewPlace – Maybe you’re not in the market to make a purchase, but you still need a place to call home. MyNewPlace is a great source for apartments & rental homes. The interface is very pleasing and easy to use. You can take and save notes and photos on a listing and get email alerts for listings that are similar to ones you’ve viewed.
AroundMe6. Around Me – Imagine standing in THE home. You finally found it. With just a couple of clicks of this app, you’ll be able to view the amenities in your immediate vicinity – restaurants, financial institutions, gas stations and more. It makes you think beyond the initial home search and answers the question “Can I live here?
It’s pretty fun to pass a big fancy home for sale and instantly see the details on an app. Let us know what kind of experiences you’ve had with different real estate apps in the comments. And when you’re ready to take the leap towards ownership, make sure to take advantage of our mortgage experts. They offer one-on-one consultations and will stick with you until your home!
Best real estate apps for house hunting | Tigers Credit Union Blog