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Back on Track: How One Member Rose Above and Beyond Financial Struggles

In the credit union’s Personal Finance Survivor series, everyday members share details of the individual choices they’ve made that impacted their financial lives for the better. Tigers Community Credit Union is division of West Community.
Robert Bozeman became a member of the credit union in 2004 when he opened a business checking account for his small home-based BBQ business he does on the side of his regular job. He shopped other financial institutions and selected West Community because of the free checking.
Listening and Lending
After a few years went by and job security got difficult, Robert experienced financial struggles that made securing a loan challenging. In 2011, he acquired a job at BJC Healthcare in the data center, but he needed a car to get to work. He didn’t know where to turn for a loan. So he decided to call Member Services  at West Community to share his story. He recalled the Member Service Consultant listening to his concerns and saying, “We will get you through this.” After he gave her his letter of intent, she was able to secure a car loan for him without a co-signer. They setup loan payments with payroll deduction, and this was the beginning of Robert getting back on track.
Making Small Changes for Lasting Impact
The Member Service Consultant suggested Robert pay on the loan every month until it was paid off. If he could keep a level-head with his spending, continue to take small loans out and pay them off on time, he could re-establish his credit. At this time he was also approved for a credit card to help bring his score back up.
The Pay Off
Because Robert took the advice of credit union financial experts, he was able to improve his credit standing which allowed him to get approved more often and at better rates. “Today I can apply for anything and get it.”
“West Community treated me as a person, not an object”, he said. “Everyone is always very attentive, and I love when I walk through the branch they mention my name.” Today Robert uses the credit union’s Investment Services Advisors to invest and manage his money. “They are very personable, and explain why they make the suggestions they make. I never feel pressure from them.”

Robert still works at the hospital as a Data Center Senior Analyst and may move to Texas when he retires. He said, “If I move to Texas, I will keep my accounts at West Community Credit Union.”
Robert’s story is testimony that you don’t have to stare at your debt forever. If you put your mind to it and take advantage of the resources at your credit union, you can be on your way to getting back on track before you know it. Contact Member Services today!
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