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Introducing: Mobile Deposit from TouchBanking

Mobile Banking just got even more convenient with the introduction of Mobile Deposit. The newest feature of our TouchBanking app allows you to deposit checks to your checking account anytime, anywhere simply by using your smartphone to capture an image.
With the same security and protection as Virtual Branch, you can enjoy the convenience of making deposits whether you’re on the go or on the couch.
For only 50¢ per check, you can forgo a trip to the credit union when it’s not convenient, saving you time and gas.
Getting Started Checklist:

  1. Are you enrolled in Virtual Branch? Check!
  2. Have you downloaded the TouchBanking app to your smartphone? Check!
  3.  Now you can access Mobile Deposit!

Depositing a Check:

  1. Login to the TouchBanking App on your iPhone or Android device and select the Deposit icon. Select New Deposit and choose the account you would like to deposit the check into. Next, enter the amount of the check and click Continue.
  2. Now it’s time to take a photo of the front of the check. Position the check within the viewing window with all four corners visible and snap a photo. If the image is unclear or obstructed, click Retake to take another picture. If the image is good, select Use Photo. Repeat this step for the back of the check. Be sure to restrictively endorse the back of the check with the phrase “For mobile deposit only” and sign it.
  3. Once you have approved the two images, the Confirm screen will ask you to verify the account and check amount. If the deposit details are correct, confirm the deposit by selecting Yes.
  4. The Result screen will let you know that your deposit has been received. Deposit Pending means the check is under review.
  5. Confirmation for each successful deposit will display on the Results screen. For best practice, please retain the original check for 15 days and then destroy it once you have verified it has posted to your account.

Save yourself a trip to a branch or ATM and start enjoying Mobile Deposit for TouchBanking today!
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