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Exciting News from Your Credit Union “We're Expanding!”

Over the past couple of years, we have been working hard to improve your Member Experience. We’ve added new products, services, people, security and technology. This year, we are taking the next step to become more convenient to our community:
We are pleased to announce that we are expanding and building a second location at the intersection of Grindstone and Bluff Creek. By incorporating ourselves into the community, we hope to be more assessable to our membership moving forward.
As we continue to grow in the Columbia market, our name will evolve as well. Starting in mid-March, you will start to see the credit union transition to the name “Tigers Community Credit Union.” This new brand experience will be paralleled by the responsive update to our website. This will ensure that we remain modern, relevant and consistent in the changing digital banking world.
We believe the new name and brand experience will resonate with the community that the credit union is not only available to them, but positioned for success and future growth.
We are ecstatic to see you at our new Bluff Creek location as a “Community” credit union! Follow our social media channels for updates.

  1. Im so excited about you guys branching out and opening a second location! I hope it will be open on Saturdays for convenience! Now if we can get a deposit-smart ATM things would be great!

    1. So glad you mentioned this! Yes, once the new branch is open, it will be open on Saturdays YAY! It will also have a deposit taking drive thru ATM for 24 hour access. So glad to hear you are excited! Spread the word!

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