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Fireworks Safety Tips

by Kati Knaup
The time surrounding the Fourth of July can be filled with lots of summer fun including BBQ’s, picnics, swimming, family time, and my personal favorite…FIREWORKS! These powerful and majestic explosions of color and light have filling the summer night’s sky for centuries.
Fireworks are a fun and patriotic way to celebrate the Fourth of July; however, it is important to remember to be safe when you are handling or around fireworks. Fireworks related accidents happen every year. Most of these accidents are the result of careless and avoidable mistakes.
People purchase fireworks every year to enjoy with their family and friends. One question we hear frequently is, “Are these safe?” We want to remind people that fireworks are explosives and that should not be taken lightly. But when handled properly, they are safe.
Follow these simple rules for a fun and safe 4th:

  • Only purchase fireworks from a legal and reputable source.
  • Fireworks are kept in a safe location away from any open flames. This includes BBQ grills and Cigarettes.
  • No young children are allowed to ignite or shoot ANY fireworks. This includes playing with sparklers!
  • They are never to be pointed at someone else.
  • Fireworks should be placed on a hard and stable surface.
  • All fireworks are lit from a safe distance (attaching a longer fuse and using a Punk).
  • Make sure you are clear from any interference such as trees, building, and power lines.
  • Fireworks are NEVER modified or altered in any way.
  • Everyone moves to a safe distance after a firework has been lit.
  • Water and/or a fire extinguisher are always nearby and ready to use.

Do you plan on celebrating with fireworks this summer? Tell us how you enforce safety in the comments.
KatiKati Knaup has been a manager with Fireworks City for 5 years. She works as an Elementary School Counselor for PreK-4th Graders in Cape Girardeau. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, and doing things outdoors.
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