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Tag: IRAs

6 Football Strategies You Can Use to Plan Your Retirement

The big game is this weekend and while it’s not the most logical time to be thinking about retirement during your party planning, the two actually have a lot in common. Apply these football strategies to your savings plan to win big: 1. You only need small gains to go

January Financial To-Dos

This year, we’re going to work on building our best financial & most well-rounded self. By following our few simple to-dos each month, you’ll be well on your way! So take advantage of the freezing temps and let’s kick off January right: Evaluate your Goals What do you want to

5 Ways to Maximize Your Tax Refund

Taxes are due next month, and you may be riding high with a nice little check soon. Before you spend your tax refund to buy more electronics or a new wardrobe, consider these ways to maximize your refund and improve your finances. Fund your retirement Invest all or some of your