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October To-Do List

Fall is here and while we’re basking in the magnificent changing foliage and preparing for Halloween, there are a few things on our list to complete this month:
1. Update your online passwords – At a minimum, you should be changing your passwords every year to prevent identity theft, although every six months is ideal. And make sure you have different passwords for each site. Protip: Mix numbers, letters and symbols to create the ultimate unhack.
2. Best time to buy a car – If you’re on the market for a new vehicle, then October through the end of the year is peak time to get this year’s models for less as dealerships are trying to make room for newer models. Before you buy, make sure you read our 8 ways to buy your next car for less.
3. Build up your holiday fundWinter is coming! Start planning ahead for those additional holiday expenses by adding some cash to a Holiday Savings Account. If you’re looking for ways to make extra money before the “tis the season” season arrives, check out our 11 ways to make fast holiday cash.
4. Bake something with pumpkins or apples (or both!) – October is devoted to all things pumpkins and apples. It’s prime apple picking or pumpkin patching season—make a day of it and then reap the rewards! Check out our pinterest board devoted to all things pumpkin for ideas.
5. Give yourself a tech free weekend – Technology is great and provides us with so much accessibility but at the same time, it can be hazardous to our well being.  Choose a weekend in October to reboot your body and mind with a tech black out and enjoy the world and people around you. Use this time to complete some things on our fall bucket list.
Also check out best and worst things to buy in October for ultimate savings.
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