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5 Things to Mark off Your Money To Do List in June

Making a budget for your hot-weather activities doesn’t take away your summer fun. In fact, it helps you to have an even better time! When you tell your money what to do, you don’t have to worry about going into debt, and it’s a lot easier to enjoy lounging on the beach or reading a good book. Consider making these money moves to make the most of your summer dollar:

1. Create a summer bucketlist

Sit down and make a list of all the things you want to do this summer. It’s a fun approach to making goals and having a deadline (the end of summer) to have them completed. Make sure to add: ride bikes on the MKT Trail, eat Sparky’s ice cream & attend the free concerts at Stephen’s Park and Family Fun Fests (tigersquirrel will be there!).

2. Utilize CO-OP on your vacation

Wherever you’re heading for vacation this summer, you’ll be able to connect to your accounts! Credit unions that are connected by CO-OP are linked with other credit unions nationwide where you can use nearly 30,000 surcharge-free CO-OP ATMs and more than 5,000 CO-OP Shared Branch locations to make in-person transactions, just like at your home branch. Download the app to find one for your next getaway.

3. Take advantage of credit card benefits

It’s a no-brainer that you’re going to need gas. So why not get something out of it. If you’re able to pay your credit card bill on time every month, a credit card that offers rewards at the pump is a good tool to help you save. And those points earned could potentially fund your next vacation. >> Read 5 Scenarios to use credit over debit

4. Update your home and increase it’s value

The slow pace of summer is the perfect time to undertake those home projects you’ve been putting off. Start off with something easy by giving your home’s hardware a little update and then work your way into something more substantial. Apply for a HELOC and read 6 summer projects to increase your home’s value.

5. Go to the Farmer’s Market!

A lot of things come into season in June so save on your summer groceries by getting your produce local. When you buy produce that hails from California or Mexico, the packing and distribution charges are factored into the bill. Take full advantage of the things grown in the region and check out your local farmer’s market this weekend!