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September Financial To-Dos

1. Plan & Book Thanksgiving Travel – When it comes to holiday travel, timing is key. If you will be flying this year, purchasing your flight for Thanksgiving in September can save you about $140 on average. For more stress free holiday advice, Hipmunk recommends departing on Monday and returning Friday to avoid the crowds.
2. Put Away Summer Clothes & Organize Closets – Now is the time to start thinking about that fall wardrobe. Start packing up your family’s summer items and storing them for winter. OR for extra cash, consider taking clothing that your kids will have grown out of by next summer to a resale shop for extra holiday spending.
3. Check out the Fall Festivals – September usually brings communities together in the form of live entertainment, delicious local food vendors and parades celebrating our town. It’s a great opportunity to meet up with neighbors and take the family outside before the weather turns cold. Check out what Columbia’s got going on this month.
4. Check in on Your Health – Fall revitalizes busy schedules as sweltering heats rage on. Take some time this month to check in on your health and evaluate the following questions: What has your family been eating? Have you been exercising regularly? Have you had your annual physical? It might be time to consider a Health Savings Account to save for unexpected medical expenses tax free. Your health is important for your financial future. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your family.
5. Create a Holiday Gift Budget – Ok, ok, it’s September but the holidays will be here before you know it. There are Christmas decorations displayed in Sam’s Club already! Revisit your budget and make sure your financial planning includes a holiday target amount. Direct deposit money from your paycheck into a Holiday Savings Account so you don’t spend it before your presents are accounted for!