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November To-Dos

1. Daylight Savings Chores
November 2 is Daylight Savings and there are a couple of things that you can do with that extra hour in your day. So we created this little checklist: update the passwords on your online accounts, change the batteries in your smoke detector, clean your oven/stove for all the cooking you’ll be doing soon and get your furnace/heater cleaned before the cold’s here to stay.
What could have more effect on your money than helping determine the country’s fiscal policy? On Tuesday, November 4, get out there and wear your “voted” sticker with pride.
3. Start Planning the Holidays
We know it seems soon, but think about it this way: Thanksgiving is less than four weeks away and Christmas is 8 weeks. There are actually a handful of reasons starting your holiday planning early is a good idea, but mainly the potential to save you money. To figure out where you should start, read our seven reasons to start planning your holiday this weekend.
4. Get Crafty
This year, consult Pinterest for affordable and elegant home decor, recipes and DIY gifts. Try making this super easy and cute acorn squash centerpiece that requires minimun craft skills!
5. Practice Gratitude
Give thanks for your friendships, and let your friends know what you appreciate about them. Sit down with your family and talk about what you are thankful for, and emphasize the fact that some of the things you’re most thankful for go beyond material objects. As for you, share what you’re thankful for about your finances in the comments!