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June Financial To-Dos

When the weather is warmer, it’s easy to slip into higher spending. This month’s to-do list narrow’s its scope for a cost-effective summer.
1. Conserve Your Energy & Reduce Your Bills – Slash your summer utility bills and maximize your savings by turning off your appliances while not in use, dial down the thermostat or AC by a few degrees, use fluorescent lamps and light fixtures, and increase wall and attic insulation. If you haven’t already, conduct an energy assessment to find out where you can save the most.
2. Summer Entertainment Budget – You’ve been maintaining your budget all year, go you! Summer plans might bring your progress to a grinding halt. Take some time to gather your bearing and make a summer bucket list. Plan a staycation and take advantage of all the free things available in the area like concerts in the park.
3. Apply for College Scholarships – Have a kid going into their senior year? Have them apply for all the scholarships they can find this summer. Make their summer chore applying to at least 5 a week. A great resource for scholarships is the Kaplan Scholarships book and can be found at your local library. Free money!
>> Fill the Gap between scholarships and the rest of the tuition by applying for an affordable private student loan from Tigers.
5. Utilize the Farmer’s Market – A lot of things come into season in June so save on your summer groceries by getting your produce local. When you buy produce that hails from California or Mexico, the packing and distribution charges are factored into the bill. Take full advantage of the things grown in the region and check out your local farmer’s market this weekend!