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July Financial Checklist

1. Suns out, buns out!
Summer cookout season is in full gear. Consider these precautions as you’re sure to cook up some great memories this summer. And don’t forget to check out our Pinterest board for some great grilling recipes.
2. Apply for Next Years’ College Scholarships
Have a kid going into their senior year? The 2017 FAFSA opens on October 1st. Until then, start having your child apply for all the scholarships they can find this summer. Make their summer chore applying to at least 5 a week. A great resource for scholarships is the The 2017 Ultimate Scholarships book and can be found at your local library. Free money!
3. Check Up on Your Credit Score
Your credit score determines the interest rates for your mortgage and other loans, so keeping tabs every once in a while is good practice. If you’ve been making all your payments on time and you notice a sudden dip in your score, you could possibly be a victim of fraudulent activity. If you have a Choice Checking account, you can check your score in the eClub and sign up for Credit Alerts.
4. Conserve Energy Bills
Slash your summer utility bills and maximize your savings by turning off your appliances while not in use, dial down the thermostat or AC by a few degrees, use fluorescent lamps and light fixtures, and increase wall and attic insulation. If you haven’t already, conduct an energy assessment to find out where you can save the most.
5. Review Your Retirement Contributions
Take a look at how much you’re currently saving against your budget and see if you can increase your contribution. If you have a 401k, increase your contribution by 1%. If you haven’t maxed out your IRA, see about directly depositing more every month.  If you don’t have an investment strategy yet, we can help you get started. Contact Investment Services for a complimentary consultation!