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February Financial To Do List

Re-Evaluate Your Budget – If one of your goals this year was to get your finances organized and start spending less frivolously, then now is the time to look back at your first month’s spending habits. Compare the numbers to what you thought you would spend and make the appropriate adjustments. We recommend doing this every month in order to account for your spending and saving needs. If you find yourself going over-budget, maybe it’s time to start making cuts. >> Read Beginners Guide to Budgeting
Pro-tipCoordinate Your 2015 Tax Forms – Every year around tax time, a common thread ties people together… “I wish I had been more organized with my records last year!” Don’t wish this year. Start a 2015 Taxes folder to organize all your records this year. Make a list of any charitable donations, save receipts of itemized deductions, and stash any tax forms that get mailed immediately into your new folder. Keep the folder current, and you’ll be the master of taxes come April 2016!
Cut Back on Winter Utilities – We’ve been lucky so far this winter, but February is looking to ramp up the weather and drive temperatures down. According to the Alliance to Save Energy, the average American household spends about $1,400 each year on energy bills. By taking small steps around your house, you’ll conserve your energy AND cash during some of the most costly utility months of the year. >> Read 10 Winter Energy Savers
Plan Valentine’s Day Strategy – Before the 14th roles around, make sure you glance at your budget before setting any plans. Maybe you have a significant other, kids (and their classmates), grandkids, or teachers to think about. If you’re going to spend a little more in the “gifts” category of your budget, make sure that you’re cutting back appropriately in other areas of spending. Be sure to check out our Valentine’s Pinterest board for wallet friendly ideas and fun DIYs.