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April Financial Checklist

Organize Your Financials
Tax season is almost over, PHEW! Now is the time to really take a look at the space where all your files reside. Combat identity theft by shredding the documents you no longer need rather than just throwing them away. For a complete list of items to keep or shred, click here.
Open a Kids Account
April is National Credit Union Youth Month where we’ll be providing money-managing education for kids including a coloring contest with prizes for winners in the three age groups! It is never too early for kids to learn financial independence. See a Member Services Consultant about opening a  Tigersquirrel Cubs Account and have them start saving today!
Invest in Your Future
Research finds that 33% of Americans have saved nothing for retirement and that 56% have a nest egg of less than $10,000. We get so caught up in dealing with their financial realities of today, it can be hard to feel the urgency that will prompt you to take action to start saving for retirement. Start getting serious about your financial planning by setting up a complementary meeting with Investment Services.
Lower Your Mortgage Payment
According to, 35% of homeowners have no idea what their mortgage rate is. Rates are still low right now, so why not look into what you could be saving each month by checking our mortgage calculators. You can also sign up for Rate Watch to have updates sent to your inbox or refinance your home today.
Spring Clean Your Home
Set a deadline to make your home clean, organized and refreshed for spring. As you go through your closets, garages, and pantries, set aside items for the local Goodwill or food pantry. Start using non-toxic cleaning supplies or make your own. Not only are homemade cleaning products environmentally friendly, they are nicer to your wallet. Check out our Pinterest for all sort of home cleaning ideas.