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6 Things To Check Off Your December List

We are about to enter into a crazy-busy month. Between celebrating, shopping and cooking, you’ll have a lot going on in the next few weeks! Take some time to complete this checklist:

1. Know the Open Enrollment Deadline.

The next federal open enrollment period for health insurance ends December 15 – 90 days shorter than last year. Take some time to compare and contrast premiums, deductibles, in- and out-of-network doctors, copays, and any other out-of-pocket costs for all your plan options. Members of the credit union receive discounts through TruStageGet a quote or sign up for alerts now!

2. Be Smart with Holiday Bonus.

If you get one, make sure you use that money wisely by reviewing which areas of your finances could use the boost. A good strategy is to put 20% into your savings immediately so you don’t touch it, decide how much you’ll need for the holidays and use the rest to pay down your debts.

3. Skip a Loan Payment

If you need extra cash for holiday expenses, try skipping your monthly loan payment. It’s simple; complete this form and return it to the credit union.

4. Prep Your Car for Winter Driving

Winterizing your vehicle keeps your investment primed for your own safety as well as in better resale/trade-in condition. Create a winter emergency car kit and stock it with these recommended items: flashlight and batteries, hand-warmers, blankets, drinking water, shovel and ice scraper, jumper cables, and emergency lights or flares. For more tips on winter driving, read 5 Helpful Hints for Driving in Winter Weather.

5. Enable IDProtect®

Cyber crime always seems to peek around the holidays when people are most likely to shop online. Our Choice Checking accounts include an Identity Theft Protection Service that will help protect you and your family from fraud. With IDProtect®, it’s easy to put protective measures in place, find out how to enable them today. >> Read the 6 benefits of IDProtect

6. Set Your New Years Resolutions

As work starts to slow down for the winter holidays, grab a few free moments to think about what you’d like to work on in the new year. Be as specific as possible: Rather than making a resolution to “save more,” choose a concrete goal like “save another $1,000 for my vacation this summer.” Whatever your dream for the new year, make sure you have a clear idea of what you’re aiming for. With a little planning, you’ll be celebrating your successes at this time next year.