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5 Things To Check Off Your March Financial To Do List

You’ll feel as good as that first warm day of spring when you make progress on those bigger #CUMoneyGoals by completing smaller action items. Check off these five to-dos throughout March to help continue achieving your goals:
Check your Credit Score
This three digit number shows lenders how financially responsible you are and determines what interest rate you’ll pay on your credit card balances, loans and mortgages. So if your credit score doesn’t receive the proper attention, it can have a negative impact in several areas of your money life. Check your score for free on sites like to see if you’re on track with your target number or if there’s room to improve. If you’ve been making all your payments on time and you notice a sudden dip in your score, this could alert you to possible fraudulent activity.
Fill the Gap for College Funds
The state deadline for Missouri FAFSA applications is April 1, but keep in mind that many institutions award aid on a first-come, first –serve basis. If you’ve received your aid package and are looking to fund the rest of tuition, Private student loans can help fill the gap. Visit our Student Loan Information Center to learn about the smartest ways to pay for your college education!
>> TCCU is awarding a $1,500 Scholarship to a high school senior within our field of membership. Applications due March 17.
Assess Your Total Debt Situation
Since we’re in the spirit of spring cleaning, now is also the perfect time to tackle your debt. Spruce up your finances by reviewing your current credit card and loan situation, then start a game plan to get back on track. That might involve creating a budget to help you manage your finances, automating your bills, or consolidating your loans into a single payment.
Clean for Spring!
While the temps are still low enough to thwart you from leaving your house, use this time to get organized. Start a Goodwill bin to donate outgrown or dated wardrobe pieces (make sure to catalog your donations in a spreadsheet for next year’s taxes), use baskets to corral seasonal items, and screw hooks to the inside of closet doors for extra hanging room. Check out our pinterest for cleaning tips and DIYs.
Start Summer Travel Planning
Now that the weather is warming, you might be daydreaming about your next vacation getaway. Start researching destinations and make accommodations in your budget to fit those travels into your plans. A Vacation Savings Account is a great option to directly deposit funds from your paycheck so you don’t have a chance to spend it before you need it. Then you can save each month to reach your goals and not have to worry about where that money will come from when summer hits.
Keep your financial objectives in sight and share your successes with us on social media with #CUMoneyGoals! As always, talk to Member Services if you need help getting back on track. We’re here to give you a voice in your banking.